Evocative Adjectives for Marketing Purposes & Price Hikes

I’ve recently noticed a trend whereby companies insert a popular adjective in their product description and then charge double the price you’ll find that product for elsewhere.

But what are these adjectives I speak of?

You all know them, you’ve all seen them in a very specific kind of online shop or mail order catalogue, but you may not even be aware of them…

Can you guess what they are?

You’re right it’s those adjectives currently trending in the world of retail: vintage, retro, traditional, eco, green, organic, collectible, chic, contemporary, custom, cutting edge, nostalgic and the list goes on.

Adjectives that conjour up images from our amazing childhoods.  Evocative words that put into our minds pictures of our past.  Adjectives used to make you reminisce and feel good, filled up with memories of childhood happiness.

Adjectives used by marketers to make us believe their products are so much better than the competition’s.

Sadly though these words don’t necessarily make the products any different or any better to the others available in other shops that choose not to market to your emotions.

I’ve come across several online retailers in the past week or so, some of whom have suddenly appeared online, who are retailing toys such as wooden dominoes and pick up sticks almost identical to the one’s you can buy in Toys to You but they’re selling them for upwards of £3.95!!

For those who don’t know, we sell dominoes and pick up sticks for just £1.20 including VAT, gift wrapping and colour coding.  We may use evocative adjectives in our descriptions but we don’t use them to justify price hikes.

Now you’re aware of the marketing ploys of retailers, please don’t be sucked in by a good evocative adjective.

Before you purchase your Santa grotto toys do your research.  Follow the questions we suggested in a previous post to make sure you really are getting a good deal as well as great toys.

And, regardless of where you buy your toys for santa’s grottos, as long as you’re happy with the deal you’re getting then I’m happy.

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Books Make Great Gifts at all Santa Grottos

We’ve finally got our range of books in!

Our range of books are for all ages from babies through to 7 years and older.  And they include great titles such as The Goodfellow Chronicles and Amazing Baby.

amazing baby board book

And they cost an incredible budget busting £1.20 per book.  And just like with our toys for Santa’s grottos this price includes VAT, gift wrap and colour coding.

You can’t really ask for better than that for your Santa Grotto.

Our customer’s have told us loads of times that their customer’s love it when their children receive beautifully gift wrapped books from Father Christmas at their Santa grotto.

So, you can take it from us, that when you give books as gifts in your Christmas grotto your customer’s will be pleased.

Books make great gifts at Santa Grottos

Dead Funny Book £1.20 inc VAT, gift wrap & colour code

Give a book as a gift from Father christmas at your Santa grotto this year

Goodfellow Chronicles – £1.20 inc. VAT, gift wrap & colour coding

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When do You Start your Christmas Shopping?

Now is the time to start your Christmas shopping if you don’t want to get into debt this festive season according to Moneysaving Expert.

Yes, Martin Lewis, has been all over TV and social media today advising us that it’s just 100 days until Christmas.  And the 100 day mark is the day to begin your Christmas shopping if you’re to make out the other end debt free.

100 days to christmas

Who am I to disagree with the great Moneysaving Expert (he sold his advice website for £80 million, does that also make him the MoneyMaking Expert?).

But I do totally agree with him.  In fact, I plan to start my Christmas shopping in October.

Every year I leave it to the last minute and it costs me a fortune in money and time.  Two of my three children have birthdays in December and the third one is in January.  And come mid December I’m so sick of the sight of Christmas wrapping paper and sellotape that I’m often tempted to just put their presents in gift bags.

But this year I’m going to wrap my children’s presents at the same time as I wrap all your Santa grotto toys.

Talking of buying in a timely fashion: if you want to get ahead of the game with your Christmas fundraising or profit making why don’t you order the toys for your Santa’s grotto in October.

You don’t even have to pay for them right away as we’ll invoice you with your grotto toy delivery.

Just visit us at Toys to You, select the toys and/or books you want Father Christmas to give as gifts at your Santa’s grotto and choose invoice with order at checkout and you can sit back smugly knowing that you’ve planned well – that your Santa Grotto Gifts will be delivered to you in plenty of time for your Christmas Fayre/Grotto gift wrapped ready to pull straight from Santa’s sack.

give this great book as a gift from father christmas at your santa grotto

dead funny – hysterically funny poetry book for children 7+ just £1.20 including free gift wrap

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Questions to Ask Before You Order Toys for your Santa grotto

We started our Santa grotto toy business 10 years ago in 2003.

We were the first specialist company supplying gift wrapped wooden toys to be given as presents from Father Christmas at all kinds of Santa grotto’s throughout the UK.

In the past few years we’ve seen more and more companies springing up offering santa grotto toys, none specialising in wooden top quality toys, and several established companies looking to diversify in this troubling economic climate jumping into the market for santa grotto presents and gifts.

We’ve even seen 4 of our former suppliers, after discovering how amazing our business model was, set up in direct competition with us offering their toys as gifts for grottos.

All of this is fair enough – competition is good for the consumer.

But beware the imitators – some offer gift wrapping but charge extra for it  Others will sell you plastic toys at inflated prices.  While some will only allow you to buy in multiples of 12, 24 or 48.  And some of them, because they’re wholesalers, don’t include VAT in their prices.  If you don’t read all the small print you can get quite a surprise when the bill comes in and there’s VAT on top.

We’ve even heard, from our customers, of companies who don’t show customers what toys they’ll get for their money.  Then they take their money (sometimes up to £5 per gift) and provide them with plastic toys bought from one of the pound shops.  These companies are making £4 profit per toy!!

So here are 10 questions you should ask any prospective Grotto toy supplier before you place your order –

1.  Do the toys come gift wrapped free or is this extra?

2.  If they have no photos of the toys on the site or no catalogue – Can you send me some samples of your grotto toys?

3.  Is VAT included in the price or extra?

4.  What other extra’s do you charge for?

5.  How do I know which toy is which once they’re wrapped?

6.  Can you invoice me for my toys?

7.  Do you offer a moneyback guarantee?

8.  Do you have a minimum order?  Do I have to order a minimum amount of each toy?

9.  Can I choose exactly what toys I want or do you choose?

10. What is the turnaround time from order to delivery?  And what about if I place a re-order?

If you can think of any other questions that should be added to this list please let me know in the comments below. 

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Get More Customer’s into your Santa grotto

We’ve a great tip to help you get more customers into your Santa grotto and it’s a trick that most of you miss out on – tell your customers how great the toys you’re giving as gifts from Father Christmas are.

But, be aware, you can only tell them that if you are giving great gifts and presents in your Christmas grotto such as wooden toys from Toys to You.

wooden 3D cube puzzle santa grotto present

wooden 3D cube puzzle for older children £1.20 free gift wrap

Make sure every single piece of advertising you do for your Christmas grotto tells your potential customers that their child will receive a wooden toy from Father Christmas at your Grotto.  Most grotto advertising simply says: “Children will receive a small gift from Santa”.

Expand on that, tell your customers what they’ll get for their money.  Sure they’re getting the experience of your Santa’s grotto and they’ll happily pay for that.  But also tell them that their child will get a wooden toy as a gift from Father Christmas and your customers will increase and your profit/fundraising will go up too.

The santa grotto toys Toys to You specialise in are traditional, solid and sturdy wooden toys that won’t break on the first play.

santa grotto toy - wooden cup and ball

wooden cup and ball £1.20 free giftwrap

They’re perfect for fundraising Christmas grotto’s as well as corporate revenue raising grotto’s quite simply because children love them and parents adore them.  And when parents adore the gifts their children get from Father Christmas at a grotto then they’ll happily spend that little bit more.

The reason I advise you to shout about the great wooden toys you give as presents at your grotto is because wooden toys have a very high perceived value by parents, even small ones.


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Christmas will be Here Before we Know it

I know, I know the sun is shining it’s 24 degrees outside and the kids haven’t even gone back to school yet and I’m talking about Christmas.

But when your business is Christmas, Xmas starts in January and the selling starts in mid-summer.

santa grotto gift - cotton bag to decorate with fabric crayons

We’ve already had several orders for our great wooden Santa grotto toys and later on this week I’ll be adding some fantastic storybooks to our range of giftwrapped grotto toys.

Just like our wooden toys, despite RRP’s of often more than £3.99, our books will cost just £1.20 and that price includes FREE gift wrapping and colour coding.

With Toys to You wrapped toys for Santa’s grottos there’s no hidden extras, the price we quote you is the price you pay plus postage of £4.50.

If you’d like to see our range of wooden toys for all kinds of grotto toys you can see them here at Toys to You and also at Santa Grotto Toys.

wooden book for santa grottos

wooden book for toddlers – santa grotto gift

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My YTS Job Actually Prepared me for Gift Wrapping Santa Grotto Toys

As I sat at the wrapping santa grotto toys with lovely wrapping paper in Santa’s little helpers freezing cold workshop my mind was wandering a bit – cos it is quite boring gift wrapping thousands of wooden santa grotto toys and books, honestly it is!

And my mind took me way, way back to when I was just a young ‘un of 16 years of age working in my very first job at a wedding photographers.  I loved this job, unfortunately the female boss was a horrid, cruel, mean and sadistic bitch and I didn’t love her nearly as much.

Anyway, we had to send out wedding albums to brides once all the photographs had been printed and put lovingly (by me – the YTS trainee girl) into the plush, posh photograph album.

And these beautiful albums had to be wrapped perfectly in brown paper before they could be posted.

Now you’ve got to bear in mind, I was 16 and had never wrapped anything in my life – yes I was a bit spoiled!

Well the first one I wrapped was laughed out of the shop.  The second one was ripped open and re-done by bitch boss from hell and the third one I got bollocked for by bitch boss from hell cos i should’ve learned ‘how to do it by now’ despite not being shown how to do it properly!

Luckily one of the other photographers took pity on me and spent a few minutes (cos that’s all it took, I am a quick learner) teaching me how to wrap these photograph albums beautifully.

And as I gift wrapped one of many thousands of santa grotto toys last week, I realised that that photographer had set me down the path to become one of Santa’s little helpers.  Because without her I would never have been able to present the perfectly wrapped gifts I do now.

I know gift wrapping’s supposed to be easy, but for me it didn’t come easy.  I’m not crafty, I’m not handy, I’m pretty damn useless in fact.  As a kid I used to try to make the things on Blue Peter and they all ended up in the bin thrown there by a very frustrated little me.

So, the fully grown 40-something me, would like to send my huge thanks and gratitude to the female photographer who taught me how to gift wrap.  It’s seen me in good stead.

the gift wrap we use to gift wrap santa grotto toys and books

the wrapping paper we use to gift wrap all the santa grotto toys and books

santa grotto toys and books for santa's grottos

perfect examples of my gift wrapping skills piled up ready to head out on santa’s sleigh


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